Best Electric Chainsaw of 2018 (Complete Reviews & Buying Guide)

Electric chainsaws have come a long way and they can handle any lightweight tasks. And they are also strong enough to fell trees and buck logs, yet very easy to handle. In short, they have become the best alternative to gas chainsaws at a lower cost with lower maintenance requirements.

Electric chainsaws are also more comfortable to use than any other kind of chainsaws. These can be used to clear the woods around your lawn, limbing (to remove the branches of small trees), for other small activities etc. They are lightweight, easy to start, doesn’t require fuel, low maintenance, less noisy, cheap and best for most lightweight tasks.

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How to choose the best electric chainsaw?

When choosing the best electric chainsaw, there are some critical qualities and features to be considered. The most important features are the fastest operation with less time and handling of the chainsaw during the operation.

Also, easy maintenance with the long durability of the bars and the tools is also an important feature to be considered. During operation, the device should be comfortable and convenient for the operator.

Let us see top best electric chainsaws which are being used in most of the projects.


Best cordless chainsaw

Cordless chainsaws are wireless and run on batteries. These products provide mobility without any limitation. Cordless chainsaws can be used anywhere anytime without any interference of wires or gas, charged batteries are needed only to make them work.

These chainsaws run on lithium batteries of about power ranging from 20v-150v and take 3-4 hours of charging to become work worthy. These are lightweight, portable, easy to start and these chainsaws need low maintenance. Though cordless chainsaws are a bit expensive than corded chainsaws.

NameWeightBar length 
DEWALT DCCS620B8.8 lbs12" Check Price
Oregon CS300-R712 lbs16" Check Price
Makita XCU02PT12.3 lbs12" Check Price
DEWALT DCCS670B12.2 lbs16" Check Price
Greenworks CS40L2109.8 lbs14" Check Price
BLACK+DECKER LCS10207.2 lbs10" Check Price
Oregon 570995 CS1500 12.9 lbs18" Check Price
BLACK+DECKER CS151812 lbs18" Check Price
Earthwise CS330169.9 lbs16" Check Price
Makita UC4051A 15.7 lbs16" Check Price
NameBar length 
DEWALT DCCS620B12" Check Price
Oregon CS300-R716" Check Price
Makita XCU02PT12" Check Price
DEWALT DCCS670B16" Check Price
Greenworks CS40L21014" Check Price
BLACK+DECKER LCS102010" Check Price
Oregon 570995 CS1500 18" Check Price
BLACK+DECKER CS151818" Check Price
Earthwise CS3301616" Check Price
Makita UC4051A 16" Check Price


 1. DEWALT DCCS620B 20V Max Compact Chainsaw Kit Bare Tool with Brushless Motor

Choosing a competent instrument capable of minor outdoor work or a tough construction job is difficult. The Dewalt DCCS620B 20V Max Compact Cordless Chainsaw Kit with Brushless motor is a best friend to a ‘Sawyer’ as well as a full skill acquaintance for a ‘Home Owner.

DEWALT DCCS620B Compact Chainsaw Kit with Brushless Motor

Factors to be considered before selecting an ideal electric chainsaw for you are: Type of work, Safety, Drive Mechanisms, Compatibility, Portability and Maintenance.

Key Specifications:

  • Battery Included: No (compatible with DEWALT 20V MAX batteries)
  • Size: 12 inch Oregon Bar and Chain
  • Chain Gauge: 0.043
  • Chain Speed: 25.2 FT/S
  • System: 20 V Max
  • Weight: 9 lbs (with Battery) and 7.8 lbs without battery

Type Of Work: The machine is suitable to work on indoor and outdoor jobs. Outdoor jobs from Trimming, Pruning, Limbing to even cutting twigs. Indoor construction works such as cutting various kinds of woods from Pine to Mahogany.

Safety: The device includes a safety shield right above the chain which locks and unlocks the chain, and we might need it for times like demonstrating the device or taking a break.

The chain won’t run unless the shield is properly cocked. Though you will have to read the instructions before using the chainsaw which includes the locking and unlocking of the chainsaw through the guard. Whereas, the tool weighs only 9 lbs which makes easy to carry around.

Compatibility: The device works on indoor as well as outdoor jobs and also demolition works, cutting beams to twigs. It is electric-powered which means no gas fumes, hassle-free implementation. It is compatible with DEWALT 20V Max batteries. The machine is terrific for pruning and cutting vines, falling trees. Although, if you often need to cut large trees, then you must go with the traditional gasoline chainsaws.

DEWALT DCCS620B Electric Cordless Compact Chainsaw

Mechanism: DEWALT DCCS620B 20V Max comes with a brushless motor, which might pay a toll on your budget but improves the overall efficiency of applications, gives extreme runtime and extended motor life. It can cut up to 90 times over a 4×4 pressure treated wood, which is quite heavy as compared to other kinds of work.

The low kickback Oregon bar (that’s what DEWALT calls it) of the chain makes it safer to work. Chainsaw kickback occurs when the tip of the bar comes in contact with massive object or object which isn’t easily movable. The tip bar on contact with such objects moves away or shows a sudden jerking movement in the direction away from the purpose. It’s often better to choose a chainsaw that possesses high kickback reduction Chain.

The 5 AHr battery runs for the same amount of time as a chainsaw with a gas tank would run.

Portability: The most beneficial quality is the portability of this machine. It weighs around 9 lbs, and can be attached with a battery, is rechargeable and gives a long runtime on a single charge.

Cordless Machines are sometimes considered not to meet our expectations, but this machine is powerful enough to cut four to five, 8-10 diameter pine trees within a single charge of the battery.

Maintenance: The overall maintenance on this machine is equal to none, as it possesses no carburettors, spark plugs and air filters. The device has knob mechanism on its right side for adjusting the tension of the chain, tightening and loosening it a bit. It makes it very easy to change the chain, no tools needed and also it’s very easy to attach a new chain.

It also has an oil reservoir/cap on the left side for filling oil cause you never want to run a chain dry. Measures such as keeping the chain lubricated at all times can endure the machine’s life-span.

As for its comparison with the traditional practices. The machine’s way ahead of those conventional mechanisms. And the device doesn’t need Gas, so it’s never a problem if you forget to carry some with you.

  • Portable, lightweight
  • Powerful and no noise
  • Long battery life
  • Low maintenance
  • Battery and charger not included
  • The Oil Cap needs a constant watch over

Conclusion: A Perfect catch for cutting, trimming and limbing with the advantage of size and portability on this thing.

2. Oregon Cordless CS300-R7 Chainsaw Kit with 6.0 Ah Battery Pack and Rapid Charger

A Hefty Machine for a commercial landscaper and a decent tool for a Homeowner. The 16” Oregon Cordless CS300-R7 Chainsaw can do both of them and now comes with ‘Brushless Motor’, offering 40% more torque and power. Also, it promises longer runtime, charges hold and no-fade power. It also features the patented Oregon ‘PowerSharp’ Technology which helps in maintenance of the chain.

Oregon Cordless CS300-R7 Chainsaw Kit with Battery Pack and Rapid Charger

Key Specifications:

  • Battery Included: Lithium Ion 6.0Ah/216Wh (B650E)
  • Size: 16-inch chain and bar
  • Chain Gauge: 0.050
  • Chain Speed: 2796 FPM
  • System: 40V
  • Weight: 12.0 lbs (with Battery) 9.8lbs without Battery

Type Of Work: Whether you are a Construction Worker, an arborist or a homeowner, this power tool can do the job for you. It can limb, cut, trim and perform on all kinds of woodwork. Once fully charged, this machine can accomplish 600 cuts off a 2-3” wood.

Safety: The Machine does have a standard chain break right ahead of the main handle that you’ll find on almost every chainsaw; it is somewhat mandatory. The trigger mechanism makes it safer to work with, i.e., unless your finger is on the trigger, the motor won’t run.

Also, users are anticipated to follow all the safety instructions provided with the machine. The Chainsaw doesn’t contain any safety measures towards the ‘Kickbacks’, but users must know all matters about using the tool before starting to work with it.

Compatibility: The Machine pretty much works on all kinds of jobs from cutting to thinning. It can be attached to almost every sort of Oregon batteries, which makes it entirely compatible. The capacity of the Battery may affect the performance and the runtime; overall it makes the machine altogether consistent. The size of the chain is 16 inches so it might be uncomfortable for some or call for extra care while performing small-scale jobs.

Best Cordless Oregon CS300-R7 Chainsaw

Mechanism: Oregon Cordless CS300-R7 Chainsaw has a brushless motor, which gives over 40% more power and torque compared to previous models (as the company promises). The ‘PowerSharp’ mechanism is a concept new to chainsaws which let the user to sharp the chain without using any other dull chains to sharpen the chains.

It uses a metal block inside a compartment below the main handle, when pulled the lever while the chain is running, the metal block makes contact with the chain and sharpens the chain. It also includes Tool-less tensioning system which is getting quite popular on every kind of chainsaw. Its runtime gives cutting up to 600 branches of a 2-3 inch in diameter trees. The capacity of the battery affects the runtime.

Portability: This Device weighs around 12.0 lbs which do not offer less than other existing products but is quite lightweight to be carried around. The device is entirely electric which means no carrying gas along with you.

It’s also quieter than traditional gas running chainsaws. The sound factors described on the machine is the noise while it isn’t cutting the trees. It is also utterly silent in between the cuts. The ‘Rapid Charger’ adapter assures to charge the battery faster (included only in the complete kit).

Maintenance: The patented PowerSharp system is what centres the machine with its capability of cleaning, sharpening the chain without any additional tools. You can hone on the saw, on the job in seconds with just a pull of a lever. Same goes for the tool-less chain tensioning system, all you have to do is to turn the knob to tighten the chain.

Lubricating system is automatic as every chainsaw has with the oil tank volume upto 4.1 oz which is minimum for chainsaws. Modern chainsaws are designed to run on electricity, which means no mixing gas-oils, no emissions.

  • Low on maintenance
  • Silent and powerful
  • Long battery life
  • Electrical, which means no gas
  • Assembly time
  • Weight and size (little higher than existing ones)

Conclusion: The ‘PowerSharp’ system makes it an eye-candy for the workers. Fast, strong and the battery-life is impeccable with the amount of maintenance; this is a good choice for a ‘Sawyer’ as well as to a ‘HomeOwner’.

3. Makita XCU02PT 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion 12″ Chainsaw Kit (5.0Ah)

This two battery-powered Chainsaw meets the gas-powered machine’s demands and longer runtime. Comes with a Dual Port Charger, that can charge both the batteries simultaneously for less downtime. The 12” guide bar and chain and the Makita-built motor promises to deliver less noise and increased performance.

Makita XCU02PT 36V LXT Lithium-Ion 12" Chainsaw Kit

Key Specifications:

  • Battery Included: Two Lithium-Ion 5.0Ah Battery (B1850B)
  • Size: 12-inch chain and bar
  • Chain Gauge: 0.043
  • Chain Speed: 1650 FPM
  • System: 36V
  • Weight : 11.2 lbs

Type Of Work: This 12” Machine is capable of doing all kinds of jobs for you. Its size and portability are the things that make it handy for almost any woodwork. If you want to perform tasks behind your home or cut a 10” Branch after a storm, Makita XCUO2PT can handle it perfectly. If you own a small landscaping business or something remotely similar to that, then this is the perfect go-to tool.

Safety: Though Makita has names for it (XPT and STAR Protection), they provide the necessary safety for the user and the machine as well. The device does possess a front hand guard actuating chain brake during downtime. The machine has rubberized soft grips on handle for effective grip for the user. Even though, the users are expected to read the instructions manual for usage of the device.

Compatibility: The Chainsaw uses two batteries simultaneously to power it up. All company manufactured batteries are compatible with the device. The LXT technology accounts for using two 18V batteries at the same time though the batteries used must be above than 3.0 Ah for starting the machine.

Cordless Makita Chainsaw

Mechanism: Though modern chainsaws come with brushless motors, this machine possesses company built motor which is not entirely impressive, i.e., needs to look at for maintenance. The device offers 1650 FPM that is less from various kinds of chainsaws on the market.

The 1650 FPM does the work for someone with less budget though. The STAR tech looks promising over the maintenance with both of the batteries. They also administer problems such as overheating, overloading and over discharging. Electric brakes for increasing productivity.

Tool-less tensioning system, chain lubrication system with large oil filling port with windows to measure the oil present. The LXT tech works on both of the batteries and gives the dual port charger for faster charging and also features a built-in USB port for charging portable electronic devices.

Portability: Among its features, the most overlooked element is the weight of the device which is 10.1 lbs including both of the batteries which are quite impressive over other cordless chainsaws. The low noise (89db(A)) for improvising user comfort. The oil reservoir is large enough to store oil for a long time.

The device is as portable as it gets, faster charging and no gas requirements which makes it a quick tool. Attaching the batteries instantly starts the machine; the machine’s design enables faster assembly of the batteries also. The size of the device is kept in mind as it is for a 12” chain and bar.

Maintenance: Though the company-built motor is not brushless, it might need a little maintenance. The oil lubrication system saves the hassle for oiling the chain frequently and all you have to do is fill it. The patented XPT technology secures the device in harsh conditions.

The dual charger features a built-in fan to circulate air while charging the battery and the charger communicates with the battery’s integrated chip throughout the charging process to ensure long battery life by controlling current, voltage, and temperature.

  • Very much portable, i.e., it is lightweight
  • Low noise
  • Fast charging
  • Battery-life ensuring
  • Meets your budget
  • Motor maintenance
  • Low Speed
  • Oil Tank needs a Constant Watchover

Conclusion: If you are a homeowner or a small scale landscaping business owner looking for a go-to tool under some fixed budget then this is the “value for money” tool for you; otherwise, this machine does not meet larger scale environment needs.

4. DEWALT DCCS670B Flexvolt 60V Max Brushless Chainsaw 

Featuring the Flexvolt 60V Max battery platform which gives incredible 60V powered cordless chainsaw. The 16” OregonⓇ Bar and chain gives you the ability to cut through large limbs, logs, and beams. Device is focused on low-kickback angled chain which gives you protection over kickback incidents. And a Brushless Motor for high efficiency.

 DEWALT DCCS670B Flexvolt 60V Max Brushless Chainsaw 

Key Specifications:

  • Battery Included: No (compatible with DEWALT 20V MAX batteries)
  • Size: 16 inch OregonⓇ Bar and Chain
  • Chain Speed: 15 M/S
  • System: 60 V Max
  • Weight: 9.4 lbs (without Battery)

Type Of Work: This machine can cut up to 70 cuts per charge on a 6” x 6” pressure treated pine wood. Logs, branches to twigs, this machine can go straight through it, with its impressive power of 15M/S. It can go through softer woods to the hardwood.

Safety: The DEWALT machines include a Safety shield to lock and unlock the chainsaw. It is safe to lock the chainsaw while you are changing batteries or taking a break or demonstrating it to someone with no experience.

The company also focuses on reducing the kickback incidents as they are the most common accidents occur while using these types of equipment. They make the chain’s tip in an angle and chain brakes which makes it less prone to kickbacks. Although, users must carry all the safety measures before handling this power tool.

Compatibility: The modern chainsaws are leaving behind traditional gas-powered chainsaws, which means all the devices are now electric-powered. This machine is backwards-compatible with 20V DEWALT batteries also. The type of the cells might affect the performance of the device that needs to be looked over. The 16” chain can do both indoor as well as outdoor jobs.

DEWALT DCCS670B Cordless Chainsaw with Brushless Motor

Mechanism: DEWALT DCCS720B 60V Max is a brushless motor chainsaw, which is up to date with the motor technologies. Brushless motors are said to be efficient than brushed ones and require low maintenance. The engine looks quite promising because of the speed it offers though doesn’t go light on sound.

The low kickback OregonⓇ bar (that’s what DEWALT calls it) of the chain makes it safer to work. Chainsaw kickback occurs when the tip of the bar comes in contact with massive object or object which isn’t readily movable. The tip bar on contact with such objects moves away or shows a sudden jerkish movement in a direction away from the purpose. It’s often better to choose a chainsaw that possesses high kickback reduction chain.

The 60V Max batteries perform powerfully and give longer runtime than traditional gas-powered machines.

Portability: The Machine has a 16” chain which is quite large but with the features, it offers, i.e., the weight of the machine and performance, people can carry it around easily. The device weighs approximately 12 lbs and does not require any gas to run which makes it very portable. The 60V Max provides longer run time which reduces the need for charging frequently.

Maintenance: The device has oil caps for quick refilling for continuous chain lubrication cause you never want to run a chain dry. It also features tool-less tensioning systems for chain loosening and tightening or replacing the chain. All you have to do is turn the knobs, hear the click, and that is it.

The Brushless motor doesn’t have brushes to be worried over. As battery-powered machines do not need gas, they are quite impressive. But, to be honest, the batteries and the electric components require maintenance too with issues such as overloading, overheating and over-discharging.

  • Lightweight (weighs around 12 lbs)
  • Powerful (fast speed up to 15M/S)
  • Long Battery Life (60V Max batteries)
  • Cordless and electric means low maintenance
  • Bare tool (Separate batteries must be purchased)
  • Powerful batteries (must be frequently used)

Conclusion: The Best choice for a ‘Sawyer’ as well as ‘Homeowners’ concerning the budget on this device and the performance which lets the device to work on both industrial and small-scale jobs.

5. Greenworks 14-Inch 40V Chainsaw, 2.0 AH Battery Included 

The Greenworks 40V Chainsaw features a digitally controlled brushless motor for longer life and run-time with quiet operations. The 14” bar and chain makes it able to do large and small-scale works more efficiently. The company mainly focuses on the easy handling of the tools for more safety. The most assuring feature of the “Greenworks” tools and kits are that they provide a wide variety of ‘Lawn tools’ and almost every product is compatible with the same battery. The batteries charge within 2 hours.

Greenworks 14-Inch Cordless Chainsaw

Key Specifications:

  • Battery Included: 2Ah ( Compatible with 2Ah & 4Ah GREENWORKS batteries)
  • Size: 14 inch Bar and Chain
  • Chain Gauge: 0.043
  • System : 40V GMAX
  • Weight: 9.8 lbs (without Battery)

Type Of Work: The Tool possesses a high-speed brushless motor, but the company hasn’t specified the speed of the Chainsaw. It can withstand up to 100 cuts on a 4” x 4” wood block on a single charge, which is more than enough for us to carry out various kinds of woodwork. The 14” chain looks neither too large or too small, which is easier to perform indoor as well as large outdoor jobs.

Safety: The Device features a shield-type structure above the chain which protects the user from specks of dust and whatnot. The accessibility is digital which means you’ll have to put in the battery and then push the on button and then pull the trigger. It doesn’t feature a lock mechanism as many other chainsaws do but that’s fine as long as you know how to operate it.

The device’s design doesn’t reduce kickbacks and the user has to be self-aware about kickbacks, though various methods have been introduced to minimize kickbacks, but none have been able to fully cancel them.

Compatibility: This Device is capable of almost all kinds of batteries of the company. The performance and the uptime will be as per the strength of the batteries. The batteries charge quickly too. It comes with the battery and you can carry two batteries with you for longer run-time if you have other Greenworks batteries with you.

Mechanism: Greenworks 14-Inch 40V has a digitally controlled brushless motor for longer-life, run-time and silent operations. Brushless motors are new motors which do not require any maintenance during and after implementation, that might be wearing out batteries, taking them in and out, it doesn’t affect the motors. This motor delivers upto 30% more torque for the excellent cutting performance and reduces vibrations upto 70%.

The device is designed to be compatible with Greenworks batteries, though the machine comes inclusive of the batteries. It includes a digital interface for all the indications of the device and pushing start button turns on the device.

Portability: The weight of the device is around 9.8 lbs and has a 14” inch chain with a cover bar and a comfortable bag to carry it around. The fully charged batteries can run the device upto 2 hours straight which reduces the need for charging it frequently. You can bring an extra set of batteries if you want to run it for a longer time.

Maintenance: The device doesn’t feature tool-less maintenance which favors old users who like to play with the device and explore it a bit. It has two bolts on the right side to tighten with wrenches. Also, it includes, automatic oiling system, all you have to do is dispense some oil in the reservoir and that’s it, the device will look after to oiling the chain frequently.

The brushless motor doesn’t have brushes to be watched which decreases the need for maintaining a little more. The design of the batteries doesn’t damage the circuit board if the batteries were kept in to stay in the device for a long time, though you must know the necessary to-do things with batteries that are not to keep a battery idle for a long time because it can damage the circuit board.

  • Size and weight make this device more portable
  • Modern digital technology used for ease of use
  • Easy on maintenance
  • Tooled tensioning system for chains
  • The speed of the chain not specified
  • The oiling system is not optimized

Conclusion: A can-do device capable of various tasks but doesn’t favour its value for money as you can get the same and a little more features on other devices within this price range.

6. Black + Decker LCS1020 20V Max 10″ Lithium-Ion Chainsaw

This little tool gets as lightweight as it can, the 10” inch chain and its construction with battery are designed in a way to be more portable than almost any chainsaw in the market. It doesn’t have a brushless motor but meets the needs of a brushless motor. Its weight is what differs it from every other chainsaw in the market. This machine is the lightest chainsaw in the cordless electric chainsaw market and apart from portability, this machine does not impress us that much.

Black + Decker LCS1020 Electric Chainsaw

Key Specifications:

  • Battery Included: 2.0Ah (20V Max Black + Decker Battery)
  • Size: 10 inches Oregon®️ bar and chain
  • Chain Speed: not specified
  • System: 20 MAX*V
  • Weight: 7.2 lbs

Type Of Work: If you are a robust and productive lumberjack then this tool might not be the perfect device for you. You might prefer a massive gas-powered chainsaw to do your work. But if you are a homeowner, who is looking for a decent product within your budget and to work on your lawn or build a small treehouse then this is the right choice for you. Concerning its 10” chain and bar, it will work smoothly on logs upto 8” thick, depends on the power system of the machine.

Safety: The most acting up security of this machine is the weight of it. The weight of the device also effects on its safety as it feels good to handle, you get the hang of it. The device’s design doesn’t reduce kickbacks, but the Oregon®️ chain and bar looks promising as they have been the top of the chain manufacturers and we haven’t been able to find a locking system for the chainsaw.

The machine does have a shield-like structure right ahead of the main handle. Apart from all this, you might want to read the instructions manual before using it.

Compatibility: The machine features an 20V Battery and isn’t compatible with any other company manufactured battery, which is disappointing. If you have other powerful battery to power it from, then you may face failure.

Black + Decker Electric Cordless Chainsaw

Mechanism: Black+Decker LCS1020 consists of an electric motor working on a 20V Max Battery. The battery doesn’t stand up to its promises (which the company made). It might lose its power sooner than you expected. It features a 10” high-quality Oregon®️ chain and bar on which you can bet some money.

A tool-less tensioning system is featured but it doesn’t work as efficiently as it does on other electric cordless chainsaws while many people still prefer tooled tensioning and chain sharpening techniques. The automatic oiling system is included, an oil cap right above the chain just like opening a bottle.

Portability: When it comes to portability, this machine has won it, with weighing around 7.8 lbs, it is easy to carry it around. The device has an oiling system which means ‘no need to carry around oil with you.’ Though the capacity of the battery lets you down, it might lose its power sooner than the time you need it for and then you have to find a charging point for charging it one more time. But again, respective of the weight of the device, this device is extremely portable.

Maintenance: The most unsatisfying feature of this device is that it doesn’t include a brushless motor which means you might need to look after it frequently and take care of the motor. Also, the brushed motor is a target for lousy power fluctuation, i.e., you might need to take care on the usage of the powerful batteries as they might take a toll on the motor and the circuit board on it as well.

The tool-less chain tensioning system is useful but isn’t something on which we should be dependent. The chain lubrication system is present as it is on almost every chainsaw but we have to do our best for giving the device a “longer life.”

  • Extreme portability
  • Tool-less tensioning system
  • Low budget
  • Brushed motor ( high on maintenance)
  • Not quite powerful
  • Unimpressive chain lubrication system
  • The speed of the chain

Conclusion: If you are a small-scale landscaper looking for a light-weight chainsaw under a budget, then this machine is perfect. But if you are a professional ‘Sawyer’, I suggest you to look for chainsaws which we have reviewed above rather than wasting money on this tool.


Best corded electric chainsaw

Corded chainsaws are those electrical chainsaws which have an extension of wire or cable and which needs a power source to run. Their weight is almost similar to those of gas-powered chainsaws; they have very low maintenance, they are inexpensive and they are easy to use. As these chainsaws are easy to use, everybody can work with them easily.

These chainsaws are more efficient and durable compared to the cordless chainsaw. These can be used for housing purposes, cutting branches, small trees, etc. And corded chainsaws are available at a very broad price range also.

7. Oregon 570995 CS1500 Self-Sharpening Electric Chainsaw

This Heavy-duty machine can be the “Only Chainsaw you’ll need”. The 18” Oregon®️ Guide Bar and Chain is the among the longest you can get. Featuring a 2400 Watt Motor delivers uncompromised power and high performance. The patented “PowerSharp” technology makes sure that you don’t have to care about the chain. It is electric and corded which means you don’t have to worry about running out of battery. This device can stay up as long as you want minimizing the downtime.

Oregon 570995 CS1500 Electric Chainsaw

Key Specifications:

  • Size: 18 inches Oregon®️ bar and chain
  • Chain Gauge: 0.50
  • Chain Speed: upto 2888 FPM
  • System : 120 Volt ~ 60Hz
  • Weight: 12.9 lbs (5.85 Kg)

Type Of Work: The 18” guide bar can run like a hot knife through butter on any wood, the great speed of the chain assures it. The machine’s build can withstand hours and hours of run-time. Let us say, it would take around 15 mins to break down a 25” diameter pine tree. Whether you are a professional lumberjack or a “Sawyer,” this device can do the work for you. Overall this power tool can go through the softest to the hardest wood.

Safety: The Oregon company focuses on safety better than other chainsaws in the market. It includes a clutching mechanism to lock the chain on the machine useful while downtime or showcasing the product that’s the time when most of the accidents happen.

The Oregon chain is famous for their effort on reducing the kickbacks while cutting trees. Its tool-less mechanisms make it safer to handle the device for maintenance. E.g., the “PowerSharp” tech doesn’t need any tool for tensioning the chain which keeps our hands away from touching the chain at all costs. Above all, users are expected to read the instructions manual.

Compatibility: The Compatibility issues don’t occur on Corded electric chainsaws. All you need to do is connect the chainsaw to a socket capable of 120 V, and that will get the machine running. In this modern world, the electricity charges are out of the picture. A device which provides functionality like this, you need to compromise on the electricity usage. Altogether, the machine is quite convenient for many demolition tasks.

Oregon Electric Corded Chainsaw

Mechanism: Oregon CS1500 powers a 2400 Watt Motor which delivers high performance up to 2888 FPM on the chain. Involves Instant start mechanism means no pulling cords, no gas-mixing. All you have to do is connect the device to the socket and pull the trigger, and the machine’s up and running.

The low-kickback chain is designed for reducing kickbacks. For those who don’t know what a kickback is: A kickback is something that happens when the chainsaw is in contact with the trunk, and it isn’t in a proper angle, the machine gives out a jerk like force which makes the chain rotate in the reverse direction along with dust and splinters which can hurt the user.

The Oregon Chain bar tackled this issue by making the guide bar’s tip in an angle that reduces kickbacks. The tool-less tensioning system has a knob on the right side of the device to tension the chain while it gets loose after extended use. The patented “PowerSharp” tech makes it easier to maintain the life of the chain (that we’ll see in the maintenance section).

Portability: The machine is designed to be portable to its extent. Even though you must find an electric socket for the chainsaw, i.e., portability depends on the availability of the current outlet. The weight of the machine is a little disappointing as electrical devices are as light as they can get.

Maintenance: Maintenance on this device is next to none. The Patented “PowerSharp” tech is a small lever pulling mechanism which the user has to pull while running the chain; it involves a metal block inside the structure which makes contact with the saw as you pull the small lever. It does the work in three seconds, no need to use broken chains or any other sharpening tools. Though this is quite effective, it might wear off the quality of the chain.

The Chain lubrication system is on the left side of the device which allows the user to fill oil in the device for continuous oiling of the chain and also there is a crystalline structure to view the level of the oil in the machine. Also, the device has a brushed motor which increases the need for maintenance.

  • High Power
  • Speed safe to use
  • Affordable price
  • Less maintenance
  • Corded (need to find an electric source)
  • Oil lubrication (awkwardly positioned)
  • Motor (i.e brushed motor needs maintenance)

Conclusion: A complete ally to a “Homeowner” or a “Lumberjack,” this machine is rugged, reliable and highly convenient to any profession. And also considering the budget on this device which suits your comforts.

8. BLACK+DECKER CS1518 15 Amp 18″ Corded Chainsaw

Black + Decker Cs1518 comes with an 18” chain that’s as big as you may get. The 15 Ah Motor performs very well though it’s not brushless. However, people still prefer brushed motor over brushless because they think brushed motors are more reliable. Also, it features chain brake for safety, automatic oiling system, tool-less tensioning system. And the device weighs around 12 lbs. And the price of this device is affordable.

BLACK+DECKER CS1518 Corded Electric Chainsaw

Key Specifications:

  • Size: 18 inches Oregon®️ bar and chain
  • Type: Corded
  • Amperage: 15 Amp
  • System : 120 Volt ~ 60Hz
  • Weight: 12 lbs

Type Of Work: If you are a professional Lumberjack, then you have just selected ‘the’ perfect corded electric chainsaw in the market and that too favouring your pocket. The work factor doesn’t affect much this machine. Be it landscaping, trimming, taking down large trees, the powerful 15 amp motor and 18” chain and bar help you go through trees with large diameters.

Safety: You know you need to be careful if you are working with this kind of beast. The safety features on this machine are safety on/off button, i.e., you will have to turn on the power of the chainsaw before pulling the trigger. The Oregon bar and chain possesses unique design for preventing kickbacks as much as possible. The chain brake is, i.e., when you leave the trigger to stop the device the chain will stop running at the moment.

Compatibility: Compatibility might be the only con on this device as it is corded, you will have to find a decent power source for a 15 amp motor. Otherwise, no compatibility issue, this machine can run as long as you can work with it. But if you have used gas-powered devices before, there is no comparison between electric and gas powered as both have their own advantages.

BLACK+DECKER Corded Chainsaw

Mechanism: CS1518 consists of a 15 amp powerful motor, a motor of this caliber is highest in an electric corded version of chainsaws. Oregon low kickback chain deserves a shout out. Automatic Oiling system which frequently oils the chain as you never want to run a chain dry. The tool-less tensioning system is present as it is in almost every chainsaw machine nowadays. Apart from all that, the machine only weighs around 12 lbs which is impressive given its size, i.e., 13 x 10 x 20 inches and the device will cost you less than a hundred which tells us about the amount of work put into designing this tool.

Portability: Corded electric chainsaws are considered less portable, but apart from that, they give their best to be compared with gas-powered chainsaws and let alone cordless ones as they can’t run this race when it comes to high performance. So, to make your chainsaw more portable, you have to work around an electric outlet and also get some wire extensions if you want to make it portable.

And of course, these devices save you the trouble of carrying gases around with you, frequently cleaning your trunk because of the gas which finds its way to make its surrounding messy.

Maintenance: As of Maintenance, the device has an oiling system that reduces some of the maintenance and tool-less tensioning system spare us to carry around tools to maintain the tension of the chain. No self-chain sharpening system like some of the chainsaws have nowadays which means you’ll have to do it.

The motor is not brushless so you might want to go a little light on the chainsaw to give it a longer life. Overall the maintenance is not troublesome, though the device is electric you must follow all the precautions and the steps for running electrical components and please learn a little about brushed electric motors.

  • Affordable price
  • Safe to use oiling system
  • tool-less tensioning system
  • Chain brake system
  • Instructions manual
  • Corded (will need an extension)
  • No heavy cutting

Conclusion: The Best Corded Electric Chainsaw on the market in less than 100 dollars and if you still want to lose cords than you will have to stick with gas powered ones.

9. Earthwise CS33016 16″ 12-Amp Corded Electric Chainsaw

With 12 Amp Motor, 16” Oregon chain and bar and an affordable price range, Earthwise CS33016 can perform a ‘Sawyer’s’ task as well as a ‘homeowner’s.’ Long chain size makes it compatible to work on old trees. The device is corded means no need to worry about run-time though you have to take precautions to maintain the life of the chainsaw. The weight is 9.9 lbs which are as what anticipated for an electric device. Also, this device comes in a ‘Cordless’ version, should you need it.

Earthwise CS33016 16" 12-Amp Corded Electric Chainsaw

Key Specifications:

  • Size: 16 inches Oregon®️ Double Guard bar and chain
  • Type: Corded ( comes in cordless version too)
  • Amperage: 12 Amp
  • System : 120 Volt ~ 60Hz
  • Weight: 9.9lbs

Type Of Work: The 16” chain and bar is long enough to handle trees and logs with higher diameter. Whatever the job is, trimming trees or stockpiling firewood, this tool can do them with ease. Corded versions give you an advantage over run-time of the device. If you have a lot of work and close to a deadline, then this device will not let you down. It can stay up with you as long as you can.

Safety: When it comes to security, it features a safety start button which when only pressed let’s the trigger to run the Chain. The Oregon®️ bar and chain focuses on the User handling by reducing kickbacks as we all know. It also has a shield-like structure right above the chain for protection for dust or wooden particles. Even though, you must follow the safety instructions manual before using the device.

Compatibility: You don’t get compatibility issues with corded chainsaws, all you have to do is plug into the right socket for the 12 Amp motor, and your device is ready to run. Whereas, in Cordless version you might have trouble for running the machine with other kinds of batteries as this device in Cordless version is also pretty decent, i.e., it isn’t backward compatible to other batteries.

Earthwise CS33016 Electric Corded Chainsaw

Mechanism: CSS33016 has 12 Amp Brushed Motor for high performance. Voltage is around 120V on this device while you might get upto 58V with a brushless motor on a Cordless version.

The device is built keeping in mind to keep it as light as possible. Like many other devices, the trending feature of tool-less chain tensioning system is also present in this chainsaw. Automatic Oiling System keeps the chain lubricated at all times and also features an oil level window for measuring oil level in the device.

Portability: Weighing around 9.9 lbs, it is as portable as it can get. The cordless one might weigh a little more than this because of the weight of the batteries. It comes with a plastic-fibre cover for safe portability.

The device is electric and hence doesn’t need you to carry around any kinds of gas. For a Cordless one, you must carry around a charger with you as an emergency backup. After all, this is portable to a greater extent than gas-powered chainsaws.

Maintenance: Brushed motor is a little disappointing on this device. Brushed motors are prone to wearing off, they stay up for a long time but need some maintenance once in a while. You have to change the brushes on the motor. You will get the brushless motor on the cordless version of the device, rather than that, the tool-less tensioning system feels a little convenient, and the lubrication system helps in maintaining the life of the chain.

Although, as per usage, your chain gets dull which is a little trouble for you. The device doesn’t feature a tool-less sharpening system, and you may have to use other tools to do the job. Overall the maintenance seems low on this device.

  • Affordable price
  • Safe to use
  • Light weight durable
  • Corded (need to find an electric source)
  • Motor (i.e. brushed motor needs maintenance)

Conclusion: If you have a meagre budget and in the profession of a small scale landscaper than this device is perfect for you. Same applies to a Homeowner to work in his backyard. Cost is the best feature on this device.

10. Makita UC4051A 16″ Electric Chainsaw

Here we are going to see the world’s renowned brand Makita Chain Saw, USA. Their current variant (model UC4051A) is the advanced version of their previous model EC4030A. This upgraded model was engineered for the fast cutting, long time operation and easy maintenance that consumes much less electric power. This chainsaw operates at a speed of 2900 FPM which gives an efficient cutting and trimming with overload protection and an electric chain brake for the maximum productivity.

Makita UC4051A 16" Electric Chainsaw

Products specification:

  • Product dimension: 10 x 24.2 x10.5 inches
  • Product weight: 15.7 pounds
  • Chain Blade Pitch: 3/8″
  • Chain Blade Guage: 0.043″
  • Product Manufacturer: Makita
  • Product Warranty: 1 Year
  • Power: 1800 W / 240 V
  • Size of the Bar: 16 inches
  • Max chain speed: 14.5 mps
  • Oil Pump: Automatic
  • Oil Tank: 200ml

Salient features:

  1. Soft start functionality ensures smooth start-ups with a large trigger switch.
  2. Clear visible oil reservoir with a transparent glass window to check oil levels.
  3. Changing of blade and chain requires no additional tools, ease of maintenance.
  4. Motor overload protection cuts or reduces the power when the device is overloaded.
  5. Easy and effective handling design with rubberized grip, gives more comfort in handling the device at work.
  6. Automatic chain oiler for a continuous operation and a chain brake for maximum productivity.
  7. Zero emission, less noise and reduced maintenance.

Pros of Makita Electric Chain Saw: The most important feature is the UC4051A comes with better design features like easy handling, well ventilation, adjustable dial, and chain changer. The cutting power of this chainsaw is quite high compared to the same powered gasoline chainsaw. Its 15-Amp electric motor completes the all the cutting and trimming process in minutes without making us feel tired.

Highly quality design and construction which ensures high durability and a long lifespan. Generally, the common problem in the electric chainsaw is frequent motor burnout where the problem is less because this product comes with the inbuilt current delimiter. Their instant braking system results in higher productivity also ensure a long lifespan of the product. Soft start function enables the smoothest start-ups with Makita UC4051A, which reduces noise during operation.

Automatic chain oiler features enable a continuous cutting operation for a longer time than usual. Rubberized grip handle provides comfort in handling while operation. The top highlight is the Makita UC4051A Electric Chain Saw comes with 1-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

Cons: This Makita Electric chainsaw product can be used only for small and medium scale projects as it is not designed for heavy-duty functions. The cost of the equipment is slightly higher than the average, but it is worth the investment.

Conclusion: The Makita Electric Chain Saw UC5041A is a professional handling device makes it more comfortable during operation. Its powerful motor makes it easier to complete the cutting operation with low-maintenance and long-term use. Many new additional features involved such as overload protection, fail-safe prevention, oil auto refilling etc. The bar and the chain are 16 inches which are used to cut almost all things and can be used in medium duty projects.

Best Electric Chainsaw Buying Guide

What is chainsaw?

Chainsaw is a portable, mechanical saw which is used to cut trees, metal bars, plates, pipes etc.

They come with a few sets of teeth attached to a rotating chain that runs along a guide bar usually powered by an electric motor or a gasoline engine.

They are mainly used in the fabrication industry such as chainsaw mills.

There are two type of electric chainsaw, corded (wired) chainsaw and cordless (wireless) chainsaw. Electric chainsaw mainly works on electricity as they are efficient to use and portable to carry, electric chainsaws have many variants and models around the world.

Corded chainsaws are almost perfect in every point of view but, they have one major flaw which is mobility and portability, due to this for the corded chainsaw, user has to purchase an extra wire to connect the chainsaw with power source and this makes the handy chainsaw to be uncomfortable to use even though it has a smooth start button to start the chainsaw.

Although there is no use of oil in the electric chainsaw, it needs a lubricant oil to grease the chains of the chainsaw.


Due to being cheaper, most of the chainsaws are made of plastic parts, due to which it could get break easily. These chainsaws are the least efficient than any of the other chainsaws. Most of the cordless chainsaw get charged for a couple of hours, and they work for 30 mins, this is so least outcome of the charging of batteries.

Cordless chainsaws are good at their portability, but not good at working. If you still want to have it because you have to get rid of a corded chainsaw. Then I would recommend this chainsaw Makita XCU02PT X2 which has been priced for 319$, Greenworks 16-Inch 40V for 212 $ and DEWALT DCCS690H.

The electric chainsaw has evolved to its max. Electric chainsaws are ideal for the rookies as they can be easily operated and produces the least noise.

Gas powered chainsaw runs on the mixture of gasoline and ethanol of 10%, two-cycle oil chainsaws are most efficient on work and the most potent chainsaw. It takes very less amount of time to work on more significant projects. These chainsaws are cordless, and therefore they are handy to use.

Gasoline chainsaw creates a disconcerting sound, they aren’t safe as the electric chainsaw is and the engine might stop working while you are on some work, and it is not an easy task to start it again. Gasoline chainsaws are efficient to use, but they require high maintenance, recoiling etc. These are portable but isn’t that mobile to use and consumes fuel to run.


There are different sizes of chainsaw available in the market. You should know which size is exactly suitable for you. Some of the sizes available are 14-16 inches, 16-18 inches, and 20 inches. These chainsaws are further divided by their sizes as:

Small size chainsaws: Small size chainsaw’s size ranges from 14-16 inches. These chainsaws are cordless chainsaws and these products are used for house owners mostly because it causes them low maintenance and they can use anytime and can cut any tree of diameter 10 inches.

Moderate size: For these, the size ranges from 16-18 inches and these chainsaws may be corded or cordless. Several people such as house owners, limbers, carpenters, chainsaws artists, etc. use it.  These are more powerful than small chainsaws as they can cut trees of the diameter of around 12 to 13 inches and it can trim the lawns too.

Large size chainsaws: Large size chainsaws have a size of 20 inches. These can cut trees of about 16 inches in diameter and these chainsaws are mostly gas chainsaws and are used by professional gardeners, carpenter, chainsaws artists.

Chainsaws can be used to procure firewood, limb the branches, trim the lawns and a perfect product for a person with a yard or backyard. Chainsaws are designed to ease our work of gardening. Whenever you use a chainsaw always let your first and foremost priority, safety. so wear safety chaps or pants, cut resistant boots, safety glasses, head protection and gloves. A strong and fit person must always handle the chainsaw because it may cause the user not to be controlled and may cause the user to fatigue.

Gas chainsaw vs electric chainsaw

Gas chainsaws are more powerful than electric chainsaws. They have superior bar oil system and these chainsaws are more portable then corded electric chainsaws. Gas chainsaws are versatile in their work when compared with an electric chainsaw. Gas chainsaw is made for heavy duty works especially for cutting trees and the gas chainsaw is indeed speed at work.

The electric chainsaw is easy to start and use, but gas chainsaw does not complete this need. Though both are portable, electric chainsaw (corded) are better at portability because it doesn’t need to refuel or recoil it. The electric chainsaw is quieter at work as compared to the gas chainsaw. Electric chainsaws require the least maintenance then the gas chainsaw. The electric chainsaw is way economical than the gas chainsaw. The electric chainsaw is light in weight and safer than the gas chainsaw and the electric chainsaw can also be used for indoor work.

Difference between Gas and the Electric chainsaw

 Electric chainsaw Gas chainsaw
1.Easy to maintainHigh maintenance required
2.Economical to operateFuel costs are high
3.Portability (if battery operated)No cord to worry about.
4.Light weightHeavy
5.Fast and easy startNot easy to start
6.Limited to specific jobsVersatile
7.Not appropriate to for large treesFast cutting speed
8.Limited bar length range Greater bar length sizes
9.No exhaust or fumes to inhaleNot very environment friendly
10.Lighter and saferPowerful motors
11.Much quieterNoisy
12.Limited to light to medium dutiesSuited for heavy-duty usage
13.No fuel & oil to mixFuel is required
14.No chain brakeChain brakes


Why should one buy electric chainsaw?

The electric chainsaw is ideal at busy or crowded places as it makes the least sounds and you could even use these chainsaws at every corner of your house like for household backyard cleaning process and no other chainsaw is better than electric chainsaw since it is inexpensive and anyone can buy it.

Nowadays chainsaws have become very evolved and they come with features like anti-vibration, spring assist starting, chain brakes, tool-less chain adjustment, exhaust air cleaning system etc. In this developed world you can be determined by chainsaws for some specific works.

There are two types of handlings in chainsaws, rear handling and top handling. They are best in their specific works such as Rear handling chainsaws are best to handle when you are cutting the stem of a tree from the ground view while Top handling chainsaws are best at cutting branches of trees which are often at heights.


Final verdict

Top three best electric chainsaws are…


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